The Story of Dead Fish Surprise

I have a story to tell you, so here goes:

It was way back in the fifth grade. We had a group project where we had to make some sort of cookbook, and it had to include one original recipe. That is, one recipe that we made up entirely on our own. Not only did we have to make the recipe, we actually had to make the dish and bring it in to share with the class!

Luckily I got together with my best friend, Carl Dearing. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, so I'll just sum up what the outcome was. We started discussing common recipes, but, being young, our imagination took over and somehow we came up the idea for a big dessert that looked like a dead fish!

Why a dead fish? I'm not exactly sure. I know we were both fishermen, but that's it. Maybe we were influenced by that "worms in dirt" dessert, where gummy worms are mixed into Oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate pudding.

Anyway, we had fun with it! I actually went home and told my mom that I had this idea for some food... and that we had to make it for class! To my surprise, she looked at the plans and said something like, "Oh, I have the perfect recipe!"

I couldn't believe it. We actually had a secret family recipe for a cookie dough that would puff out perfectly to create a "dead fish" look! Our totally odd idea could actually work out!

So my mom and I got to work (actually my mom probably did all the work but hey, I was little) and somehow put this thing together that looked like a dead fish. (A nice, fresh dead fish!)

So Monday rolls around and it's time to head off to school. I'm feeling pretty good today as I stroll right on in with this big plate. Everyone was waiting for it. We had tried to keep it a surprise, but the class knew that Carl and I had come up with something good!

To class...

Okay, time to peel back the foil and reveal our creation!

As soon as we did... everyone was shocked! We had created a monster!

It looked so disgusting yet so delicious - it was irresistible! The class didn't have to taste it though, everyone (including the teachers) could tell it was something special just by looking at it.

Fast forward 10 years: I'm sitting around my room and I remember something. Back in fifth grade I made this cool dessert, and I want to enjoy it again. Hmm... maybe other people would like to try it too.

Thanks to the internet, I can now distribute it to millions of potential eaters!

So the first thing I do is get my mom - the real cook! We got the ingredients and tried to put the recipe together from memory, and surprisingly, it worked.

Of course, there was a lot of stuff that puzzled us in the process. Things like how we actually got all the parts to have the same shape, and making that shape look like a fish. And it couldn't be baked like an ordinary size cookie so we had to try out a few different plans.

In the end we actually had a good looking dead fish. At least the best looking dead fish I have ever seen!

Now to spread it around...

I knew that some kids had to have liked Dead Fish Surprise, but I couldn't remember anything for sure. So I took pieces of Dead Fish Surprise to all of the kids (and some adults) in my neighborhood - the results were amazing!

Everyone loved it! Little kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents. It's a good thing we made three or I wouldn't have gotten any!

First I thought of actually opening a store and mass producing this dessert or licensing it to other producers. But that would be a lot of work, and who knows, places could charge an arm and a leg for this sort of thing!

I want the world to experience Dead Fish Surprise!


levi bloom
Levi Bloom
Creator of Dead Fish Surprise