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Want to Try Something More Special
than Cake and Ice Cream?

Dear Sophisticated Dessert Seeker,

dead fish surprise worms

Everyone likes dessert. I do, and I bet you do too. But it's always the same. Sure, you can choose between vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but it's still ice cream. And a birthday cake is still a cake, no matter what flavor.

If you have kids, I'm sure you know that they get sick of eating the same thing over and over. A plain cake won't do it. Even a neat ice cream cake isn't enough these days. You need something unique, exciting, and - for a lot of little kids - even a little disgusting!

Wouldn't you prefer to try something new?

Now's your chance! I have created a delicious, unique, and totally fun dessert for kids - and they love it!

Just look at what people are saying about it:

I really enjoyed the Dead Fish Surprise. It was a different taste, but a very good different. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test it. I'd buy one if they were for sale. Overall, the Dead Fish Surprise makes for a delicious snack!!!

Thanks again, Anthony Moore
Guitar/vocals for Orange Letter
Fletcherville, PA

Hmm... Dead Fish Surprise!? I'll try it...

Ya know, this is good. Wow, I like it! Got any more? Not that I didn't think your cooking would be good, but this is amazing! And you're actually going to give out the recipe free!?

Doug, Tyler, and Troy Danver
Clearfield, PA


Here are some more pictures of what they are raving about:

The face:

dead fish surprise face

The tail end:

dead fish surprise tail

The inside. You can see the gummy worm goo between the layers.

dead fish surprise inside

How YOU can make it, too:

This thing is so good! When Levi first made this when he was a little kid, he took it to school and I didn't get to try a piece. Now after realizing what I missed out on, I can't believe how I got through all these years without being consumed by my curiosity! If you've never tried Dead Fish Surprise, I suggest you get some ASAP!

Martha Bloom (Levi's mom)
Clearfield, PA

The Dead Fish Surprise cooking guide comes in PDF format, so you need Acrobat Reader to view the file. (If you don't have it, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.) You can also view it online.

You can download a PDF file for easy reference. Even print it out. Click here to download the PDF.

Or follow the online instructions to creating Dead Fish Surprise.

Free bonus: Click here to download The Everyday Dessert Cookbook in PDF format. This gives you some fun desserts that are easier and quicker to make.


levi bloom
Levi Bloom
Creator of Dead Fish Surprise

dead fish

P.S. Ever see that "worms in dirt" dessert that is gummy worms in a mixture of chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs? Disgusting concept, but kids love it. That's the concept behind Dead Fish Surprise. Disgustingly delicious!

Important note: Dead Fish Surprise is a dessert. It is not seafood. It looks like a fish but does not taste like one, and it does not taste like any dead animal for that matter. I could have called it "delicious cookie with cake toppings that just happens to be shaped like a fish but does not contain any fish" but I decided that was too ordinary!

The Dead Fish Surprise recipe is offered completely free of charge. However, if you really enjoy it, please make a small donation to a children's charity as a token of your appreciation. Thanks.

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